<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>What are our Foreign Language Lessons?</strong></p>
Welcome to our “<strong><u>Language Scripts</u></strong>”. Do this every day for 3 minutes. Thanks to these scientifically altered scripts you’ll never forget or lose your fluency in any of the languages you want to speak! These scripts will increase your fluency, speed and smoothness in speaking the language, in all of the languages you want to speak.

<strong>#1).</strong>  <strong>You’ll be fluent fast!!!</strong>

<strong>#2)</strong>.  <strong>You’ll be fluent permanently!</strong>

These scripts should be given to Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge students upon graduation! And all other universities and even elementary, middle, and high schools should give these scripts to their graduating students. We urgently recommend that you use our product as the finishing touch to your previous, current, and future education to add the fluency that almost all other courses and educations fail to give you! You deserve this. The whole world deserves this. Because with better global communication everyone wins.

Like most people born in a first world country my friend learned a second language in school. Her country spent billions of dollars to provide foreign language education for their population of 75 million people.

She also studied it in college. And at her job. And she also took many private courses. She spent thousands of dollars! Almost 10 years of her life!

She felt her education had been a big waste of time and money! Like most students she could read and write the language perfectly but couldn’t speak it!

<strong>Billions of Students…</strong>

Billions of students feel the same way that my friend did. Billions of students around the world have never been able to speak the second languages they learned in school.


But when my friend went abroad she became fluent very quickly! She was so happy!

<strong>Lost It…</strong>

But a few years after returning home she had lost her ability to speak entirely… if you don’t use it you lose it… She was so sad… So many years of her life had seemingly vanished.

<strong>The Truth:</strong>

<strong>The truth is this:</strong>

She had wasted so much of her own money and the government’s money, billions of dollars, wasted! People and nations all over the world who are forgetting their second languages feel the same way that my friend did! Angry, depressed, frustrated, and in denial. That’s the truth.

<strong>Everything Changed…</strong>

I gave my friend something special. And immediately she could speak fluently! All I gave her was my 3 minute scripts. You can speak and never lose your ability! It’s all in my 3 minute scripts! The secret is to read manuscripts of conversations out loud for just 3 minutes every day.

Almost everybody loses their additional languages unless they speak it every day..

Most people don’t speak a second language fluently. Here’s the proof:

<strong>Here’s a fact:</strong>

Most people in today’s world can only speak one foreign language. We’ve been lied to, when we’re told that Europeans and Africans can speak 5 different languages. Sometimes you’ll even hear that they can speak 10 different languages. It’s horrifying that most people on this planet live in complete fantasy.

You can be the one person who soars above more than 90% of the people in this world. First of all by recognizing reality: Almost nobody on this planet speaks more than one language fluently. It’s extremely rare. And secondly, if you choose to speak a foreign language fluently, your brain will literally be physically bigger than everybody else, and you’ll live longer, according to scientific research.

–Don’t misunderstand me–

I’m not giving you a language course! This gift has nothing to do with learning a foreign language! You’ve already done that!

To increase the size of the brain you must do something beyond the ordinary

You must go beyond the norm of learning only one foreign language, and beyond the norm of not becoming fluent in the languages you learn

<strong>–Just 3 minutes of reading–</strong>

Of course you know how to read. Everybody does! Just a 5 word sentence. Some sentences have less than 2 words! Certainly you can read a sentence like that! There are roughly 150 sentences that you’ll read. My staff have read these sentences (slowly) to verify that it does in fact take less than 3 minutes to read.

You learned a foreign language is school, am I right? And you never became fluent in that language. If you’re like most people. But regardless, whatever language you’re working on right now, and any that you’ve learned in the past, you will lose your ability in that language, with time.

Because if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. That’s a fact of nature. Without my scripts, everyone will lose their ability to speak the languages they’ve learned, if they’re not using that language regularly.

The reason languages are so powerful, isn’t that you’re learning grammar, and working the brain so hard, but also it’s because you’re seeing the world with different eyes! It’s opening your mind up to new realities, and perspectives that were never possible before.

“You’re also unconsciously learning a whole new way of seeing the world. There’s an inextricable link between language, culture, and cognition.”
-Professor Panos Athanasopoulos, Lancaster Univ…

If you never learned a foreign language in school, don’t worry, it takes less than 30 minutes per day and for less than 2 weeks, to learn the basic pronunciation of a language. And at the same time that you’re learning how to pronounce the letters you’re automatically learning how to read! Then you can read my 3 minute scripts!

With my scripts you’ll be able to speak any language, immediately! And with just 3 minutes a day you’ll be fluent within a few months. And you’ll be fluent permanently.

That’s why it’s important for everyone, even people who already speak a foreign language fluently, to use my scripts. Because you want to remain fluent permanently. Which isn’t possible any other way, if you’re not using that language regularly.

<strong>The Method:</strong>

<strong>#1).</strong>   These scripts trick your mind into focusing on certain words and phrases. So that they’re automatically memorized without you even noticing it. Since only 200 words form over 50% of conversations these scripts focus your brain on those 200 words since you’ll learn everything else automatically while reading the rest of the script. Since 1 phrase can be used to create a hundred correct sentences we’ve also included the 2,000 most common phrases.

<strong>#2).</strong>  Since the brain automatically recognizes and automatically memorizes things it sees over and over again I use the most important phrases over and over again in our scripts. And use other scientific methods to cause the brain to notice these phrases.

<strong>#3).</strong>  Speaking comes so naturally for the brain that it actually prefers to learn grammar and language on the go while in action rather than in a boring classroom for example it loves playing role games and assuming other identities so reading a script all by yourself with more than 5 characters is fun for the brain and it naturally switches back and forth between characters and since the brain doesn’t know the difference between pretend and real when absorbing a story it thinks there’s an actual conversation going on and the best thing about this is that the brain always automatically corrects pronunciation as it hears the correct way and the wrong way so the more you speak out loud your brain actually fixes pronunciation and accent all by itself!

Scientifically proven to work!

Over $3,000 is what you’ll pay if you go to any other course that makes you fluent in a foreign language. Most programs cannot make you fluent. You won’t be speaking the language. And they still want you to pay them over $3,000 dollars! That’s too bad. My program gives you access to all of the top global languages! You’ll be fluent almost immediately and yet we give you an entire year of access to our scripts. If it’s a cheap program it’ll most likely never make you fluent or will take too long; nobody else can make you fluent immediately. And even the expensive courses, the best Universities, private teachers, and all others will probably disappoint you because they rarely make anybody fluent! Everyone deserves this program! Especially you!
<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>You need to do this for the rest of your life!</strong></p>
<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>You’ll get better each day!</strong></p>
<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>You’ll be speaking immediately!</strong></p>




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